3D image registration

FarField Technology's FastRBF™ Matlab Toolbox has been applied to the difficult problem of surface registration at Christchurch Hospital. The aim of this research was to quantify the amount of tissue swelling resulting from wisdom tooth removal. The Polhemus FastSCAN™ was used to acquire pre- and post-operative laser scans.

RBFs are used to:

  • fit a smooth and complete surface to the scan data
  • compute the separation between scans, used to drive the registration steepest-decent algorithm
  • evaluate the movement between pre- and post-surgical surfaces
  • evaluate the volume differences between the surfaces.

Data courtesy of John Harrison, Christchurch School of Medicine, Otago University & Polhemus FastSCAN™


Difference between the registered scans. Tissue movement is depicted by color. Green corresponds to no relative movement. The units are in millimeters.