fastrbf surface interpolation

FastRBF Toolbox - Version 1.4.2

The latest version of the FastRBF Toolboxes are available here:

SilverLining™  (FastRBF-based  Surface  Reconstruction  Application)
Version 1.0.2 (December 23, 2003)

This install includes a demo license which enables all features except saving. If you cannot fully evaluate SilverLining™'s suitability for your application without saving, then go to SilverLining™'s Help menu, open the About dialog box, copy the Host id text, paste it into an email to, and we will supply a temporary license.

Sample models generated by FastRBF™

Sculpture (simplified)
25K Vertices
50K Triangles
(IGES) (3DS) (LWO)

38K Vertices
76K Triangles

Head (simplified)
10K Vertices
20K Triangles
(IGES) (3DS) (LWO)

You can download 3D viewers from other sites, such as GLView (loads various 3D formats) and Cosmo (VRML plug-in for browsers).

Note: Our ASCII sample files (eg DXF, OBJ) are DOS format, so unix users will have to filter them using DOS2UNIX before loading into your application.